buy Moroccan handcraft

Travelling  in Morocco I admire everywhere nice beautiful products

Their  beauty lays in simplicity.


” Handicraft exports increased by 30.6% this late January compared to the same period in 2016, registering an historic growth for the industry.

According to the Ministry of Crafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, this development affected the majority of export products, especially footwear, which saw their export volume triple by January 2016.

Regaining their rank of the most exported products, footwear was followed by clothing, which marked a 68% increase and brassware with 66%.”

Creating at home a fabulous atmosphere through furniture, lighting, pottering, glasses, textiles, architectural items, food and spices, …has become one of my dreams.

But buying there and bringing home in my luggage is often impossible.

So looking for  excellent website stores is the result of my search for quality.

Berber Designs brings the best of Morocco to your home, offering a huge selection of unique Moroccan handcraft.  Adorning your home using the rare pieces  will transform any space into an exotic, Moroccan dreamscape and furniture will help to create your personal oasis straight from the sand dunes of the Sahara right here amongst suburban living.