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  • Trekking in Atlas and desert with local guide

    I recommend Ilias Tallok of Berbernomadtrekking from first time I went hiking with him. He’s very good guide, professional , caring and friendly.

  •   From 2016 I’m supporting his activity as virtual assistant and translator.
  • I think he fully deserves excellent reviews he has in his website and TripAdvisor. So I warmly recommend his trips.

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  • Cosy rooms in Essaouira

    Essaouira from the port

    My friend Bennie will welcome you in her cosy house with terrace.

Five minutes walking from beaches, medina,bus and taxi station.

Bennie’s lounge


Bennie’s terrace

Bennie Tam  chinese soup with chicken, almond, fig and milk. 

1) First boil some chicken (with bone) and few slices of ginger for half an hour. *After boiling well, lower the fire. 2) Then add some fresh figs ( you may cut a cross on them), some roughly chopped almond as you like, gentle fire for another 20 minutes. 3) *If you want to have some tender chicken meat for meal, marinated with salt and put them into the soup now, let it cook for only short while. 4) When the soup is boiled again, last step, add MILK and cook for 5 more minutes it is done. Delicious!

  • Friendly riad in Marrakech

Dal sud d’Italia verso il sud del mondo..










  • Renting cars

Sawa CarBd. Monastir, Derb chabab B – n° 14 Alia MohammediaTel/fax: +212523304530Gsm: +212654472992/

  • Renting motorbikes

Gsm : + 212 6 61 19 09 64
Tel/fax : +212 5 24 38 21 32