About me

Hey! My name is Silvana .

This was just for two!

First time I went to Morocco was in 2009.

I was working at European School in Brussels so just took a cheap plane to escape cold weather for a four-day weekend.

It was February or early March.

I landed in Casablanca and  had the phone number of a cousin of a Moroccan friend met online.

I was doubtful: a solo female traveler hosted by a Muslim single man!

Well… he welcomed me as a queen, left me the best guest room and cooked for me the first gorgeous tajin in my life!

Moroccan heart is big

So I experienced first time Moroccan hospitality.

My host was very kind and respectful  but couldn’t leave his work so, second day, I visited Casablanca by myself.
I went for a stroll in the old port where fishermen were selling the fruit of their labour, the souk, the old medina.

For me everything was new and exotic: the language , the sound of voices, noises, the thousands of brightly colored goods,  the wonderful aroma of spices, people so busy but so smiling!
Now I had become very bold so, the next day, I took a train and went to Marrackech: another blow to the heart!

The Medina souk, the Koutubia Mosque, Jemaa el Fnaa square…

From there I took my first shared taxi to El Jadida on the Atlantic coast: seven people stowed in an old Mercedes with that mesmerizing music.
But the landscapes that we crossed were incredible: the red earth, the green grass, flowers everywhere, groups of houses in clay along the way, people with all kinds of goods on a donkey and the city with its long pink beaches and long foamy waves on arrival!

Well….I was in love with Morocco.

I go back there again many times a year, by visiting and exploring all possible places, but I know that there is still much to discover.

From 2016 I collaborate as virtual assistant and translator for a friend, excellent guide, who organizes trips to the Atlas Mountains and desert.

I begin to be an expert, people ask me any info about Morocco that I’m happy to provide.

I share info and tips:

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I decided to create this blog to help travelers like you and raise awareness of a beautiful land and a wonderful people.

desert Merzouga

To do this I’m going to share with you my personal experiences and what I have discovered during the years.

I love talking about traveling in Morocco and, if you have anything interesting that would like to share, please speak up. I love feedback in any form.

You can send mail at silmoss@libero.it

trekking in Atlas with Berbernomadtrekking

So now follow me in my journeys around Morocco…