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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

XXV Solidarity Raid Challenge 2017!

This will be a challenge raid for those coming, we will be more on dirt tracks as from the first day doing camping’s on the way and exploring new terrains in the North of Morocco before getting to the South into the desert.

We will be crossing the Atlas from East to West and then do from the West coast to the East coast only getting into the towns to refill our vehicles and get provisions.

Great challenge for those ready for it were we will be visiting the most remotest parts of the country to do our solidarity works on the way!

XXV Solidarity Raid Challenge 2017!

“MarocAtlasGibraltar 4×4 club is involved in this project in the village of Takojt, Southern Morocco in the province of Irrachidia. We have for some years been providing school materials for the children and especially for the infants school which is run by local young students who have finished their studies and have no employment.

Government funded schooling starts at the age of 7 years old. The idea of the project is to provide preschool age children a basic education in literacy and to also keep them out of the dust and dangers of the desert
The school is on the outskirts of the village, but as the village is growing the grounds area is being lost, so at present we are collaborating with the Association Tout Por La Region to build a wall and secure gates for the safety of the children and to conserve the area for future expansion plans.”


Agriculture – Atlas Mountains

agriculture Atlas

“…assisting with agriculture in the Atlas mountains working alongside the people of the rural villages of the Amazigh (Berber) community….”

“…Volunteers will be located in the Atlas Mountains and work involves feeding animals, managing offspring, milking, and identifying additional husbandry needs. Volunteers also have the opportunity to assist farmers in ploughing, seeding, weeding, and harvesting, and are encouraged to teach Basic English to the farmers they are placed with.”

by Alex Levin


Morocco Library Project

From the website:

” We develop English libraries in under-resourced communities of Morocco, in partnership with teachers and students. Together, we’re helping teachers inspire a love of learning, giving a boost to rural and female populations with historically low literacy rates, and building a bridge of friendship felt across the world”.