travel by taxi in Morocco

shared taxi
  • Don’t ask the driver “how much”. Better asking before to a Moroccan friend or the owner of the riad/hotel/hostel you are. So you will not be overcharged.
  • Every city has a different color for grand taxi (big) and petit taxi (small).
  • In some small cities the price is fixed and there is no counter in the car.
  • Small taxis take only 3 people at once. Big taxis (taxi collectif) up to 6. If you are a solo traveler the taxi driver could ask you to pay for 2 seats (e.g. from Marrakech to Ourika Valley) but the driver will offer you the front seat.
  • Taking a taxi from a train station or a bus stop will always cost you much more. Drivers know that you don’t know the rules. If you haven’t a heavy baggage walk for a while and catch a taxi from the street.
  • When you try to catch a taxi and there are other passengers, you have to ask the driver if he is willing to take you to the place. Don’t be surprised when you take a taxi and the driver stops for other people. If they are going in the same direction they will probably jump in the car and have a ride with you.
  • In some areas you can find not only taxis but small old buses too, crowded by local people. They stop to collect other passengers and any goods along the road. You pay just some coins for the fare. Better travelling with a local friend at the beginning to learn the rules..;)
  • In some cities you can also find brand new taxis Dacia. They can charge up to nine people but they are very comfortable and clean.

    from minibus in Dades Valley

Remember that every city has its own rules!

petit taxi always costs 4 dhs. Big taxi has a fixed price per person for a ride. For example Ouarzazate-Boumalne Dades is 30 dhs. Shared taxis are in front of bus station (gare routière). Sometimes you will wait more than half an hour because taxis will leave when they are full. Be patient and enjoy “here and now”… 😉


 last taxis leave around 5 p.m. Take that into account if you arrive there by bus and need to continue in the valley.

taxis are a comfortable mean of transport if you want to go outside the city or to some beaches. The price is more or less like a bus/train.  Big taxis have special signs- since they go far they have no time to stop and ask each person where they are going. Only the locals know the signs.

minimum price is 5 dhs. You ride with a counter like in Casa and the language of signs is similar. Observe Moroccan women and you will learn..;)


there are so many one way roads and areas where taxis can’t transit.! That’s why it’s so crowded with motorbikes!

taxi marrakech

I prefer not taking a taxi in Marrakesh and going on foot. Big taxi in Marrakesh is dark green with a beige stripe. Small taxi is beige. With the big one you have to go and ask (when you are going outside the city big taxi is the best and cheapest choice). If you need to go to the airport you can find a taxi at any hour but remember night prices (from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.): the price could change from 70 to 100 dhs.